How To Recruit Tons Of Prospects Into Your WorldVentures Biz

Published: 05th October 2010
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So you're looking real closely at a WorldVentures biz opportunity. You know that the product is really attractive with high demand. You know that despite some misguided allegations, the management team is experienced, capable and top-notch. And, much to your benefit, World Ventures is the perfect business to market on the internet.

All that aside, there's one thing that's going to give potential prospects pause for concern when they review the business model. But I'll get to that in just a bit because we can fix it rather easily. Let's talk about the good stuff first.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the MLM home based business industry. And rightly so. In a way, the industry has been victimized by a few bad apples that have contributed to a black mark. You've got a marketing model that isn't conducive to success for 97% of distributors and encourages them to talk to anyone with a pulse without properly pre-qualifying interest first. And then there's the whole pyramid scheme aspect that haters love to point out, even though they are completely off-base. Fortunately, World Ventures is legit. So breath easy knowing you can be proud to thrive in this business if you so choose to.

When you join World Ventures, you're essentially acquiring membership to a lifestyle opportunity. This business' true appeal lies in the fact that you can make a pretty darn good living traveling the world at a discount and sharing with others how you do it. There are two primary membership packages. The Dream Trips and Leisure Travel Consultant (LTC) package. Each is $199 with a $24.99 maintenance fee respectively. But each offers different benefits. One is essentially the "Costco" of travel packages, while the other essentially turns you into an online travel agent like Expedia or Travelocity.

I don't know about, but I kinda like the idea of traveling to exotic destinations, making money by bragging about it and getting people interested. The start-up cost is cheap and you'll probably make it back on your first trip. So this becomes an attractive product even for those not interested in the network marketing aspect of the business. The real issue is that 97% of those who do join a World Ventures biz for the residual income will struggle and quit within the year. Most won't even make it to 90 days. That's just the average reality of an MLM home based business owner. But we can fix that today in ways we couldn't years ago.

You see, here's the thing you need to keep in mind. Historically, network marketing distributors will struggle to recruit just 2-3 prospects in their careers. Looking at WorldVentures binary compensation model, that's not going to get it done. While you do get paid as you refer new members to WorldVentures, you only qualify for residual when you reach a 90/90 structure within the binary. That means 90 active members or reps in each leg. And while the product offer is really good, you're circle of influence better be significantly bigger than 180 friends and family members. Or, you can learn how to generate all the warm prospects you want by marketing correctly using the internet.

See, now that can marketing efficiently and cost-effectively using the internet, anyone can dominate their network marketing niche if you just learn how to use the right tools. And guess what? The pie is big enough for everyone. In fact, you don't even need to pay for marketing when you write content and engage in social media for FREE. Frankly, your best leads will come from these venues anyway. All you have to do is get plugged into the right tools and resource and find someone who is already getting the results you seek. Then, just send them an email and ask if they'll help you. Maybe even sponsor you if they're in the business already. That's how you'll get real good, real fast at internet MLM lead generation.

If you ask me today, I'll tell you that this is the reason I was able to build my business online so quickly after losing my corporate job. If you're serious about WorldVentures as an income opportunity, then you have to learn how the modern-day network marketer dominates the internet to brand and market themselves, not the company. Honestly, it's really not that difficult once you understand the core concepts involved. Honestly, there's no reason you couldn't recruit consistent numbers each and every day just like the big dogs. Because to be completely frank with you, the secret formula isn't so hush hush. You just need someone to show how it all comes together.

Building a profitable WorldVentures biz online is easy if you leverage your own internet marketing system to generate 30+ MLM leads per day. Surprisingly, this is actually not that hard to do. Super-charge your World Ventures recruiting by watching this ground-breaking MLM lead generation presentation.

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